"Positively rocked the box office." CINEUROPA

I Want You

(Tengo ganas de ti)

Director: Fernando González Molina Country: Spain 2012 100 mins Romance Spanish with English subtitles Cast: Mario Casas, María Valverde, Clara Lago, Álvaro Cervantes, Andrea Duro, Luis Fernández, Diego Martín, Nerea Camacho

A huge box office hit in Spain taking more than 4 million euros in its first weekend, I Want You is the sequel to Three Meters Above the Sky. Based on the popular novel by Federico Moccia, this is a love story with epic visuals, a killer soundtrack and great cast.

After two years in London following the dramatic death of his best friend, Hache (played by Spanish heartthrob Mario Casas) returns home to Madrid to start a new life. When he meets the independent, no-nonsense and ambitious Gin (Clara Lago), Hache finally believes he can fall in love again. When Hache starts work on a television production that Gin is dancing in, their romance blossoms and their sexual tension is palpable!

However, forgetting his first love Babi (María Valverde, Madrid, 1987 - SFF2012) won’t be easy, and when he meets Babi again by chance, everything falls apart. Temptation leads to dramatic consequences and Hache will be forced to make a decision that may not be the right one.

The very handsome audience favourite Mario Casas reprises his role of the dashing young man in love, this time with just a little more melancholy behind his soulful eyes. Clara Lago brings a welcome fresh spirit to the franchise as the no-nonsense and ambitious Gin, and director Fernando González Molina keeps the story of rebellion and romance in top gear.

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