"A promising debut." FESTIVAL SCOPE

Dark Heaven

(Cielo oscuro)

Director: Joel Calero Country: Peru 2012 75 mins Drama/Romance Spanish with English subtitles Cast: Lucho Cáceres, Sofia Humala, Pold Gastello, Mariella Zanetti, Roberto Moll

Set in Lima, Peru, Dark Heaven charts the intense and unpredictable romance between Toño (Lucho Cáceres), a middle-aged tailor who is separated from his wife, and Natalia (Sofia Humala), a young drama student who commissions him to make costumes for her graduation play.

What begins as an honest and hopeful romance takes a dark turn when one of Natalia’s old boyfriends reappears out of the blue to join her theatre group. A spiral of jealousy and distrust ensues, and Toño can no longer find a moment’s peace. His business begins to suffer as he finds himself on a path of destruction from which there is no turning back.

Loosely based on Claude Chabrol’s 1994 film L’enfer, Peruvian critic Joel Calero’s moving debut, Dark Heaven, offers the viewer a bona-fide window into daily life in Lima. Lucho Cáceres delivers an exceptional performance as Toño, with an inimitable screen presence that permeates every scene.

Not screening in Byron Bay.

  • 2012 Lima Film Festival - Titra Award, People’s Choice
  • 2013 Cartagena International Film Festival
  • Nominee -
    2013 Goya Awards: Best Latin American Film
All non-English language films will screen in the festival with English subtitles.