"A genuine, independent quality film with a cast to applaud." Escribiendo Cine

Don't Fall In Love With Me

(No te enamores de mi)

Director: Federico Finkielstain Country: Argentina 2012 103 mins Drama/ Romance Spanish with English subtitles Cast: Pablo Rago, Julieta Ortega, Guillermo Pfening, Mercedes Oviedo, Violeta Urtizberea, Tomás Fonzi, Ana Pauls, Francisco Andrade.

Three intersecting stories deftly explore the relationships of a new generation of young, attractive Argentinian adults seeking to live a more impulsive way of life. Each character struggles to uphold their own ideal of a relationship in the face of societal and familial pressures. As they deal with their own internal crises, and those of their partner, the same conflict arises: the impossibility of true love.

On one side of Buenos Aires, we meet Sofía, who is torn between her boyfriend and his brother Martín. On another side of the city in a motel room, Alejandra expresses to Sergio that their extra-marital relationship is going nowhere, and she wants it to end. Meanwhile, her co-worker Juani will do whatever it takes to win Alejandra’s heart.

Sergio’s wife Paula is a brilliant, but naïve and self-conscious, psychology student. When she meets her first patient Luli, her eyes are opened, and she identifies her intimacy issues with Sergio and wonders if he is the man for her.

Federico Finkielstain’s debut puts a fresh spin on the term “romantic comedy” with a good dose of courage and sincerity. Pablo Rago (The Secret in their Eyes, 2009) leads this gorgeous cast composed of an exciting new generation of Argentinian actors who will leave you reflecting on your concept of love in our modern times.

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